At Martiniburger our success comes from great customers and great staff.

Martiniburger is a great place to work and gain experience at a successful and progressive restaurant. Discover the uniqueness of New York City hospitality in Tokyo. Everything is made from the best ingredients, served with a smile, as you like it. Nothing scripted. Genuine.

We are always looking for people to join our team. People who enjoy providing great service, interacting with our guests from around Tokyo and around the world, and take pride in delivering Martiniburger hospitality.

The culinary team at Martiniburger is essential to delivering our core product—gourmet cuisine with a simple yet creative style. The kitchen operates is an efficient manner in harmony with the pace of the service of the restaurant. We strive to continuously provide innovation in our culinary offerings.

You are the front line at Martiniburger and essential to delivering the MB experience to our customers. A warm welcome to arriving guests, new and repeat. Efficient and relaxed service that complements our comfortable surroundings and inviting cuisine.

To learn about available positions and discuss being part of the Martiniburger team:

•    Call (03) 6280 8929
•    Contact us by email
•    Drop by Martiniburger


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